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Anhui Harting Machinery Technology Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter in China dedicated to the development, production and sales of high quality sheet metal processing equipment, founded in 2012.The company's factory is located in Bowang District, Ma'anshan, Anhui Province, which is known as "the first town of China's die-cutting machine tools" and is only 30 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and close to the Yangtze River Delta economic zone of China. The foreign trade center is located in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, with convenient transportation and superior location.Harting Machinery has three factories, the first factory produces forging machine tools, the second factory produces ventilation ducting equipment and the third factory produces bending machine tools, shearing machine blades and other machine tools. The total area of the factory is 60,000 square meters.Our company has more than 200 employees including engineering and technology developers, production workers and salesmen.In order to serve our customers well, the company is specially managed with ERP software. It systematically assigns responsibilities and manages the process from pre-sales, sales and after-sales aspects such as consultation, quotation, order placement, export, remote or door-to-door commissioning and installation.

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    Fast Customer Service,Provide overseas serivce including installation; we will update you order status from time to time.
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    provide OEM and ODM,Provide customization(like color,logo)
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    2 years guarantee, lifetime technical support
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