Vertical Metal Grooving Machine V Groove Machine Industrial Steel Grooving Machine

Vertical Metal Grooving Machine V Groove Machine Industrial Steel Grooving Machine

• This equipment is a CNC gantry planer. This machine adopts advanced CNC system and novel design. • It has the characteristics of high processing precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration and so on. The machine tool is used to process V-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts (stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-plastic, copper, iron, bakelite, acrylic and other special plates).


• Sheet metal slotting machine frame and the beam are all box-shaped. After finite element optimization design, the all-steel welding is tempered to eliminate residual stress, and the overall rigidity is good and the precision is good.

• Stainless steel V grooving machine with 4 control axes, hydraulic hold-down device, the gantry and tool holder make round-trip move together when working.

• V groover machine use ball screw & roller heavy-duty guide rail, D1N6-grade precision helical gear, planetary
reducer: balance, accurate

• CNC open controller, supporting full-automatic operation, 4-blades can run simultaneously significantly improves the grooving efficiency.

• Metal sheet slotting machine adopt Taiwan industrial-control controller and Japan Panasonic closed-loop servo system: easy, flexible, fast, efficient and low noise.

• V slotting machine equipped with automatic lubrication system: low wear, fine processing, ensuring machining accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.

Serial numberContentParameters
1Model optional1250-3200mm  1250-4000mm
1250-5000mm  1250-6000mm
1500-4000mm  1500-6000mm
2Processing thickness0.4-4mm
3Cutting speed5M-70M/min
4Work table adjustmentSelf-planing function
5X axis minimum setting unit0.01mm
6X axis positioning accuracy0.05mm
7Y axis minimum setting unit0.01mm
8Y axis positioning accuracy0.05mm
9Z axis minimum setting unit0.01mm
10Z axis positioning accuracy0.03mm
11X1-X2 axis motor power1KW-1KW
12Y axis motor power4.5KW
13Z axis motor power1KW
14Flatness of work surface0.03mm
15Feeding methodTool holder movement
16Whether the workbench is replacedNot replaceable
17Workbench annealing to eliminate gravityYes
18Installed knife number4 alloy knives
19Maximum planing depth0.8mm
20Maximum groove depth2.5mm
Serial numberNameName of supplier
1High precision ball screwABBA Taiwan
3Angular contact ball bearingNSK Japan
4Planing White Steel BladeSECO Sweden
5Servo motorHUST Taiwan
6Electrical ElementSchneider
7Power cableIGUS Germany
8Pneumatic ElementYADEK, Taiwan
9Alloy rackYY Rack, YY gear
10Operating SystemHUST Taiwan

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