• Industry 4.0 architecture can be smoothly upgraded; • Fast speed, only 0.2 seconds per shot; • Rapid prototyping of the workpiece, high consistency; • Low power consumption; • Daily maintenance is simple and low cost; • High degree of automation, simple operation, low manual requirements; • No need to make molds, complex shapes (right-angle, non-right-angle, etc. folded up or down) can be designed and produced at any time; • Applicable to a wide range of materials, mainly stainless steel, cold-rolled plate, etc.; • Compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, self-driving robotic arm loading and unloading, and docking robotic arm loading and unloading are all optional;



*The control system realizes 13-axis simultaneous linkage in the true sense, smooth bending action, and high coordination of mechanical operation;

*Eccentric load detection system can effectively protect the machine to protect the workpiece;

*The plate thickness detection system can effectively protect the machine and reduce the waste of workpieces;

*The cloud operation and maintenance management system can monitor the operation of the machine in real time;

*For workpieces with non-standard sizes, different positioning datums can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece, and the shearing error of the plate can be controlled on the first bending edge to ensure the accuracy of the size after forming.

 Robot arm description:

The self-driving manipulator of the bending system is adopted, which has high efficiency. It is only necessary to edit the bending program to replace the workpiece. After the bending program is compiled, the corresponding manipulator program is automatically generated. It can be easily connected to upstream and downstream production lines or equipment. The self-driving robot arm used:

The arm span is 2.5 meters, 50KG class, and the workpiece length is within 2000mmX1000mm & the weight of the workpiece is within 25KG. 2 automatic loading and unloading robotic arms.



System min.accuracy 0.001mm
Max. bending speed 0.2 seconds/knife
Max.bending width 2500mm
Max.bending size Length 2500X width 1250mm
Bending height 170mm
The rated voltage 380V
The Peak power 28KW
The Average power 2.8KW
The noise 50 db
Overall dimensions 565cm X 300cm X 340cm
Weight 19 Ton
The operating system System above Win7
Max. Bending Thickness Stainless Steel 1.2mm
Cold Board 2.0mm
Aluminum board 1.6mm
Min.Thickness 0.35mm
Min. inside size for quad forming 110mmx200mm
Min.inside size for bilateral forming 110mm
Min.arc radius 1.2mm
Bending Angle 0-180°
Number of shaft 13

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