Punch Press Machine PneymaticN Power Press Machine
Punch Press Machine PneymaticN Power Press Machine

Punch Press Machine PneymaticN Power Press Machine

● It is suitable for the realization of various cold stamping processes such as blanking, punching, forming, bending, and shallow drawing.
● Widely used in electrical appliances, vehicles, tractors, mining machinery, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields.
● The steel plate welded body has good rigidity and more stable accuracy.
● The crankshaft is placed vertically, with compact structure and beautiful appearance.
● The height of the mold can be adjusted electrically, and the height can be adjusted by digital display.
● The sliding block adopts a rectangular hexahedral elongated guide rail and a bronze lining board, which has high guiding accuracy.
● It adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch-brake, smooth engagement and sensitive action.
● Compression type safety device to ensure the safety of the whole machine when it is overloaded.
● The height of the slider has a lifting balance cylinder to achieve the balance of the slider connecting rod.
● The slider can be moved by inches, and the movement can be stopped urgently, making the operation safer.
● The road adopts double valve control, which is sensitive in action and meets the safety standards of presses.


JH21 Series open high performance fixed platform press
Nominal CapacityPeKN250031504000
Slide StrokeSmm220220250
Slide StrokesFixedspmTimes/min303030
Max. Die Shut HeightH2mm500500550
Die Shut Height Adjustmenttmm120120120
Throat DepthC1mm450450490
Distance Between Columnsd1mm9809801050
Slide Bottom SizeF-Bbmm700700750
Shank Hole SizeDiameterdmm707070
Bolster SizeF-BDmm880880950
Bed Opening Hole Diameter¢mm270270290
Overall DimensionsF-BAmm266027202850
Motor Power KW223037
Weight(approximate) kg232002660031600

•JIS I accuracy.v

•Steel welded frame with high rigidity.

•Motor with inverter.

•Combined wet friction clutch.

•Rectangular hexahedron lengthened guide; OCP-315/400 with octahedral lengthened guide.

•Hydraulic overload protector.

•Lifting balance cylinder.

•Imported dual solenoid valve.

•Forced grease lubrication.

•Balance cylinder: manual oil lubrication.

•Integrated panel ( included).

•PLC control of international brand.

•Contactor and button of international brand.

•CE safety specifications

•Optional: air cushion, light curtain, automotive device.

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