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What Are CNC Press Brake and NC Press Brake?


In the realm of metal fabrication, precision bending of metal sheets is a critical process. To achieve accurate and efficient results, manufacturers employ various technologies, including CNC Press Brake and NC Press Brake machines. In this article, we will delve into the differences and functionalities of these two types of bending machines.

CNC Press Brake:

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Press Brake is a highly advanced and automated machine used for bending metal sheets. It utilizes computer programming to control the various aspects of the bending process, such as the angle, depth, and length of the bend. The CNC system interprets the instructions from the program and precisely positions the bending tools accordingly. This automation enables rapid and highly accurate bending, reducing human errors and increasing productivity. CNC Press Brakes offer versatility and flexibility, allowing for complex bending operations and seamless integration with other manufacturing processes.

NC Press Brake:

An NC (Numerical Control) Press Brake is a semi-automated bending machine that relies on manual input but incorporates digital control for improved accuracy. Unlike the CNC Press Brake, the programming for an NC Press Brake is simpler and typically involves specifying the desired bend angle and backgauge position. The operator manually sets the bending parameters using the machine's controls, while the digital control system ensures consistent and reliable bending. Although it requires more manual intervention, an NC Press Brake is a cost-effective option for businesses with lower production volumes or simpler bending requirements.

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Key Differences:

  1. 1. Automation Level: The CNC Press Brake is fully automated, controlled by computer programming, while the NC Press Brake requires manual input combined with digital control.
  2. 2. Programming Complexity: CNC Press Brakes utilize sophisticated programming for precise control over multiple bending parameters. NC Press Brakes have simpler programming requirements, focusing mainly on bend angles and backgauge positions.
  3. 3. Versatility: CNC Press Brakes offer greater versatility and can handle complex bending tasks, making them suitable for diverse applications. NC Press Brakes are suitable for simpler bending operations.
  4. 4. Cost: Due to their advanced automation and capabilities, CNC Press Brakes are generally more expensive than NC Press Brakes. NC Press Brakes offer a more cost-effective solution for businesses with lower production volumes or budget constraints.


CNC Press Brake and NC Press Brake machines are integral in the metal fabrication industry, enabling precise and efficient bending of metal sheets. While CNC Press Brakes offer advanced automation, versatility, and precise control, NC Press Brakes provide a cost-effective option for simpler bending requirements. Understanding the differences and capabilities of these machines will help businesses choose the most suitable bending solution for their specific needs.